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Across Fitness | Weekend Giveaway with LBB and Reebok CrossFit Robust.

Editors posted on 3rd December

Tried your hand at a bunch of exercise regimes, and now you've decided to go in all guns blazing? You're probably looking for something high intensity to get those muscles moving, and we’ve got just that lined up for you!

Enter Reebok CrossFit Robust, which optimises general fitness through a series of physical activities, essentially through high intensity functional movements like lifting, pulling, pushing etc, all sans big fancy machines. You can ease in with a foundation class, where trainers will familiarise you with movement and technique. While you’re in there, give the mobility classes a try – they act as a surprisingly efficient reminder of movements that come naturally to our bodies, but we tend not to focus on. CrossFit cultivates intensity and speed, and even gives you the opportunity to check out their yoga program, where you can work on cultivating some much needed rest.

Give your body the chance to discover and better its range of movement and mobility. Fill out this form and you could win:
1st Prize: 3 months limited membership
2nd Prize: 1 month unlimited session membership
3rd Prize: 1 month limited session membership

Sorry, this contest is now closed. Stay tuned for coming up! 

Find Reebok Crossfit Robust online here and on Facebook here.

Check out a trial class at their studio at 7 Arjun Nagar, Bhishm Pitama Marg, Opp. Defence Colony A Block.