Work Out In These Funky Yoga Pants By Eska


Eska by Shivani Nirula is a line of active clothing that is perfect for yoga, cardio, running, the gym, or if you’re just one of them girls who lounges around in track pants.

Lounging In Lycra

All Eska products are made using a high quality blend of pure cotton with lycra, because we all know we need maximum leverage when going into that perfect Downward Dog. Especially when you’re in a studio.

All their clothes are machine washable, durable, and sit tight without being unflattering to bumps, lumps and depressions.

We tried their hottest seller—the yoga pants with a roll-over waistband—which we think will work perfectly across activities. As for tops, expect matching sets, mostly made in a rib fabric, with perfectly positioned rib contours so you can be under the impression that the gym is working.

Yoga Me At Galaxy Prints

If you’re gifted {yes, gifted} with child-bearing hips, the good news is their pants work accruing to measurements, and not a S, M, L size chart.

We especially loved the ones with the Galaxy, Arrow, and Aztec prints. There’s also a collection of viscose cotton sets, but we weren’t super into the print; but then again, to each their own.

For the ladies with arms to love, the tank top is super, and come with double straps with an in-built sports bra, so you don’t need to layer. A special shout out to the full-sleeve lounge wrap perfect for a gym gear cover-up, or if you’re just lounging between classes.