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Adopt, Don't Shop: These 5 Beautiful Dogs Are Looking For A Loving Home

Adopt-a-pet posts on Facebook quickly amass thousands of likes and hundreds of shares, but do those translate into serious, meaningful inquiries about the doggy/kitten? Rarely. So we rounded up 5 posts, found on Facebook, in the hope that to-be pet owners who are serious about  giving rescued doggos or puppers a forever home, will actually pick up the phone and get the ball rolling.

Make sure you get any preliminary discussions with your family/SO out of the way beforehand, and remember you’re bringing home a furry friend that will need even more love and attention. It’s worth it though – you shall be repaid in cuddles, countless games of fetch and a friendship that will last you a lifetime.

Frida: A 3-Month Old Pupper

Frida just turned three months old and is ready to meet, and move in with, her new family. Smart, spirited and sociable, Frida has the prettiest eyes. We think you’ll be out of biscuits before you know it.

PS: Frida’s brother, Taco, is also up for adoption.

To Adopt: Send a SMS to +91 9818201987

Check out the post here.

Sam: A 6-Year Old Doggo

Sam turned six, but this mixed-breed boy is a puppy at heart! He’s initially weary of new humans, but let him sniff around and we think he’ll approve. Sam doesn’t need too much space, but he does need lots of TLC.

To Adopt: Send a SMS to +91 9818201987

Check out the post here.

Cookie: A 1-Month Old Pupper

Be still, my beating heart – how cute is this li’l cookie monster? Apparently, all adoption leads fell through when they found out Cookie’s a girl and this is why the world makes no sense. She’s shy but opens up quickly and will give you her whole heart – if you give her yours.

To Adopt: Call/text on +91 9810424152

Check out the post here.

Willy: A Gorgeous Lahsa

Stories like Willy’s are heartbreaking – due to a calcium deficiency, his front legs are handicapped and that may have been the reason he was abandoned by his previous family. Found near East of Kailash, he is currently being fostered and his guardian cannot believe how exuberant, happy & full of joie de vivre Willy is, despite the struggles he has been through.

With patient care and medical treatment, Willy’s condition can be cured. We hope he’ll be chasing butterflies, leading the way on long walks and jumping for biscuits in no time!

To Adopt: Drop a message to the guardian or comment on the Facebook post here.

A Glorious Lab: One-And-A-Half Years Old

This wag-a-muffin lab is lovable and wants to play all the time! He’s hoping he can move into a home with lots of space, happiness and children – he’s super friendly, has lovely golden eyes and a pink nose. He’s had a ruff past, but maybe you can change his future – he’s a good boy and deserves all the tummy rubs in the world.

To Adopt: Send an email to, with all the information – as mentioned on the Facebook post here.