How Adorable Are These Matching Outfits For Moms & Their Doggos?

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The only thing as adorable as our dogs wearing little bow ties and bandanas are us being able to twin with them – cue the entry of the new Twinsie collection on HUFT.

Twinning Is Winning

The new Twinsie collection on HUFT features outfits for dogs and their moms, so the next time you’re trying to get an Insta-worthy picture with your pooch, you know exactly what outfits you two are going to be wearing {let’s face it, it’s cuter than cringe-worthy pictures of couples twinning}.

Your dog and you can dress up in matching plaid outfits, or you can wear a denim jumpsuit while they wear a tiny denim bow tie from the Doggie Denim Collection. The new collection has all sorts of accessories for your pet – from checked bow ties to little denim shirts, there’s so much to dress your pet up in. You don’t have to worry about them getting too hot in these – the material is light and comfy. Make sure you check out the matching bandanas too {so your dog gets a complete outfit}.

So, We're Saying...

It’s time for you and your pet to get into these paw-some outfits! You can shop the collection here.


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