Are You An Adventurous Gang? Drive An Hour Beyond Rishikesh For Camping & Rafting


    Lets face it. A couple of drinks is all it takes for you to plan that all friends road trip that dies with the next dawn. Here’s how to make it happen: Put rambling discussions to rest and head to Red Chilli Camp for its scenic, activity-packed and 30km ahead of Rishikesh. It’s also not obscenely overpriced if that’s what the fight was about…

    Stay By The Mighty River

    The camp site is situated in a picturesque, non-typical part of Rishikesh, surrounded by mountains and really close to the river. The diva of the group doesn’t get the complain because from the looks of it, the tents look clean and there’s a cooler to keep things habitable in the afternoons. Plus, we hear that the guides who take rafting tours are super professional about the safety of everyone who’s on that raft or perched on a shifty rock.

    We know this might be a long shot but if there’s someone in the gang who loves to meditate/do yoga {ahem} right by the Ganges, they’d have hit a jackpot at Red Chilli at Byasi. You know what else you guys can do? Kayaking, beach volley ball, jungle hikes and even enjoy a bonfire that’s perfect for settling scores and discussing infamous crushes.

    Another great thing: The tariff is INR 1,650 per person for a one night and two days package that includes meals and activities. Really.


    So, We're Saying...

    Get all the info here. And you might want to make a pit stop at the Beatles Ashram on the way.