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The AIB Roast Lands itself into Trouble

Editors posted on 02 February

By Editors

We all applauded AIB and their stellar job of crude insults, open accusations and blatant bullying of some of our favorite celebrities. More than that, as India's youth, we felt it was a validation that we're on the precipice of change, where celebs can finally make fun of themselves, and call a spade a spade.

Hold that thought. While we were basking in the bullying that was the roast, someone, somewhere got offended. There goes that validation. The Maharashtra government has decided to investigate if the roast is guilty of obscene language and content. The Minister for Cultural Affairs, Vinod Tawde, termed the vulgarity of the show, a crime and is threatening to register an FIR against them. To quote "We will register an FIR against them as they appear to have performed without any performance license. Such vulgarity is a crime and based on facts which will emerge, the government will file a case against them."

If you haven't seen it yet, we're certain you'll now be curious about what offended the state government. We hope they know they're driving views. Enjoy the roast, if you haven't seen it yet. We certainly did.