Looking To Get Away From All The Pollution? Escape To This Gorgeous Airbnb Near Gurgaon

Paloumi posted on 09 November


With the worrying levels of air pollution in the city, it’s only natural to want to distance yourself from it. We’ve found the perfect getaway for you.

Definitely The Getaway You Want And Deserve

This farmhouse is perfect for a mini vacation with your loved ones. An entire villa situated in a picturesque, lush green setting {just what we need in the midst of this health crisis}. With sprawling lawns and tall trees, the only visitors who’ll disturb you will be the peacocks that frequent the grounds. It can house up to six individuals and is even pet friendly, so you don’t have to leave your pooch behind. It comes with a badminton/basketball court, swings, a moon rocket and parallel bars, so your kids will have a blast here. The farm has a fruit orchard at the back and a jogging track running along the property, ensuring you’ll step out enough. Staying indoors isn’t that bad either, the house is large and airy with a huge terrace and comes with all your essential amenities, be sure to take your own food along.


So We're Saying...

Take a breather from the city and unwind at this beautiful property. The cost per night is a mere INR 4,013.

You can check out the property here.