Jama Masjid has its own charm—we love the chaotic lanes and the kebabs and biryanis the little joints have to offer. While we sure love our adventures in Dilli 6, they’re becoming fewer by the day, given how much time it takes to get there and the sheer resolution it takes to brave the crowds.

Lucky for us, one of the area’s most popular restaurants, Al Jawahar, has recently set up shop on Kotla Mubarakpur Road. Yay!

Same Food, Different Settings

Kotla Mubarakpur, known for its crazy amount of home-fittings stores and the occasional samosawala, now has a whole new clientele; the carnivores. They’ve got a pretty large set-up in the basement, and they’ve kept it minimal, too {read: non fancy}. Plastic chairs and tables are strewn across, and there isn’t much decor to speak of.

The menu, much to our delight, remains exactly the same, and we’re going to be grabbing platefuls of nihari, mutton stew and korma {both the chicken and the mutton are yum}. The shammi kebab is also worth a try, though don’t forget to order the sheermal to go with it all.

Call Meat, Maybe?

If you don’t even want to make the effort of heading to Def Col, call them up. They’re doing home delivery, though there may be an additional charge for places outside the three km radius.

Featured photo source: Syedandy via Wikimedia Commons[CC BY-SA 4.0]