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All Things Being Equal | Gentlemen's Nights in Delhi

Aditi posted on 29th August

By Aditi Datta

One for you, one for me. The virtues of playing fair were instilled early on in life; sharing wasn’t just about caring, it was about levelling a playing field so everybody had equal opportunity. No rational discussions on who deserved all the candy; it wasn’t a question of merit as much as it was about playing nice and letting everybody have a turn. In our younger days, we upheld this system of fairness as the rulebook in how to behave. We defended it almost faultlessly, and sometimes fiercely.

As we got on in life, we did start noticing that boys were trained to let go more often than we were. It started with dropping girls home after nights out, giving up their seats, and carrying our shopping bags. They open doors, pay for meals, and silently bear the odd mood swing.

Internet memes and seven-signs-your-man-is-a-cave-bear lists have us blaming all of mankind for one poor sod’s unthinking ways. Whether it’s special quotas in education or employment, women march in with right and pride where men fear to tread. And so much as a whimper saying ‘what about us?’ leads to quick labels like sexist, chauvinist, or quite eloquently, just ‘pig.’

Argh. Sometimes, even us ladies suspect it’s getting too much. We need to give these guys a break.

Now, we’re not talking about the unblinking guy driving by as you stand by your car with a deflated tyre, or the thoughtless jerk who nearly wrestled you out of the way to get into the elevator.

We’re talking about colleagues, boyfriends, schoolmates, roommates, and every unlucky dude who’s patiently listened to our rants about this unfair world and tummy cramps. We’re talking about chaddi buddies who call our mums ‘Ma’am,’ and husbands who let us take the better parking spot.

They’ve earned special privileges besides birthdays and Raksha Bandhan, where all they really do is promise to protect us and buy us presents. {Whoa! It’s about us again?}

So we’re pretty pleased {and a tiny bit relieved} to find out that our boys are finally getting a taste of our sweet medicine – Delhi now has a spate of Gentlemen’s Nights, where special treatment is doled out to our male comrades.

Moonshine Cafe | Leading the way out of the dark ages is Moonshine Café in Hauz Khas Village. Unlike the ubiquitous Ladies Nights, where drinks and perks are limitless, Gentlemen’s Night on Tuesdays at Moonshine Café comes with a three-drink cap, and the pre-requisite that men be accompanied by women. This ensures that the bar doesn’t get taken over by drunken brawls {tsk, clichés} and more importantly, that women aren’t literally backed in a corner.

Where: Hauz Khas Village; Contact: 98715 55718; Find them on Facebook here 

{If you’re thinking it would be nice to let boys be boys without having to look after the girls, don’t fret. Rather than this being a ritualistic bonding of sorts for men, it works as an easy way to take pressure off the wallet, since one part of the group’s bill is neatly snipped.}

Warehouse Cafe | Men can enjoy  extended happy hours on Tuesdays.

Where: Inner Circle, Connaught Place; Contact: 11 3014 6022 ext. 864; Find them on Facebook here 

The Townhouse Cafe | Men can enjoy extended happy hours on Tuesdays.

Where:  Outer Circle, Connaught Place; Contact: 95404 71111, 95404 61111, 95403 51111; Find them on Facebook here 

The Flying Saucer | Men can enjoy extended happy hours on Tuesdays.

Where: Epicuria, Nehru Place; Contact: 95600 88341; Find them on Facebook here

Roost Bistro | Hauz Khas is a happy haven for boys early in the week, with special cocktail deals at Roost on Mondays.

Where: Hauz Khas Village; Contact: 11 4270 1008; Find them on Facebook here 

Raasta | Raasta offers 1+1 for all gentlemen on Tuesdays.

Where: Hauz Khas Village; Contact: 11-4062 3028; Find them on Facebook here 

Chapter 25 | Saket does its share with an unlimited drinks deal on Mondays at Chapter 25.

Where: MGF, Metropolitan Mall, Saket; Contact: 11 4066 6591; Find them on Facebook here

1 Boulevard | Gentlemen can enjoy happy hours on Tuesdays.

Where: Salcon Mall {Next to Select Citywalk}, Saket; Contact: 88604 70001; Find them on Facebook here 

Boys, it's your turn to have some fun. After you’ve dropped the ladies home, of course. After all, with privilege comes great responsibility.

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