Always In The Mood For Food? Satiate Your Hunger With This Multi-Cuisine Bistro!


    What makes it awesome?

    Long work from hours and a trillion household chores not letting you cook something scrumptious for yourself? Or the idea of stepping out to grab a quick bite seems like a risky prospect? Or are you just lazy (well who isn’t)? To wipe away all of your food dilemmas, Fat Cat Bistro is here with its extensive menu that you won’t be able to say no to. Whether it’s your cheat day or a cozy house date, Fat Cat Bistro will get you fresh and gourmet food right to your doorstep. 

    With its metaphorical fat cat, all they want you to do is stay at home and they will satiate your craving with their 8 cuisine menu that covers dishes all the way from Brazil to Spain to our very own India. Here, you truly get the world on a platter. So if you want to spend your mundane Tuesday evening with spicy Mexican tacos or Friday movie night with a delicious Mezze platter, consider it done! And if you want to delve into something super tasty without cheating on your diet, their On Diet menu will work just perfectly. They ALSO provide Cuisine paired Brunch dishes to satisfy your brunch craving in the day. All their dishes are created with the freshest ingredients, with the expert hands of their talented kitchen team to give you a taste of paradise in every bite. But that’s not all, they also offer 100% eco-friendly packaging made from scratch. And if you want to join hands with them to take care of Mama Earth, save those quirky packaging boxes your delectable food came in and send it back to the outlet for recycling. They’re delivering from 1 PM - 1 AM all through the week. So don’t hesitate and order in those lip smacking dishes now!

    So don’t hold yourself back and treat yourself with whatever you are in the mood for! Hurry up and order in your favorite cuisine from Fat Cat Bistro available on Swiggy and Zomato! What’s more, we recommend you to order directly from their website as well! They’re also making things one step more convenient and are launching their application this month! So ordering from the Fat Cat Bistro just became a tad bit more convenient! 


    Oh and did we tell you? They change their menu after every 4 months to give you new choices everytime you order in. Isn’t that awesome? We don’t know about you, but we already have our sultry tandoori platter en route. We recommend you do the same! To delve more into what goes into achieving sustainability, head over to their Instagram page! and for any other queries just ring them up on 011-41523232.