Amama's Got Jewellery From The World’s Most Fascinating Gullies


A new jewellery brand called Amama {meaning grandmother in Telugu} is the curator’s tribute to her jewellery-loving grandmother. Her love for baubles has taken her far and wide in search of pieces that bear a strong imprint of the local culture.

Choker In The Pack

The curator feels that her love for big, dangly earrings and chunky chokers is something that she inherited from her super gorgeous dadi. All the silver jewellery she has gotten has been lovingly passed on to her and as she held it close over the years, she realised that she wanted to share her jewellery discoveries with all those who loved hoarding it as much as her.

As she travelled, she saw so much jewellery that she collected and collected till she was ready to put it all out in the form of three exciting collections: Jaipur, Delhi and Afghan. All the stunning pieces we see leave little to be said. They’re all strong in character and super outgoing.

It’s A Costume Jewellery Paradise

If you’re a sucker for costume jewellery {think tribal necklaces and big baalis}, we have no doubts that this site will be a party for you. Between ethnic Mughal earrings and understated Victorian ones, there’s a big spectrum of choices covered.

We’re loving the whole non dainty vibe with the necklaces because it’s so much fun to make a noise, be irreverent and run wild. Who even enjoys mellow anymore?!

So, We’re Saying…

You’ll probably find us wearing a lot of these chokers with white kurtas this summer. And we’re so chuffed that we will not end up broke either.