Ten-Second Takeaway

The most happening cafe in West Delhi, AMPM Cafe & Bar is located right above The California Boulevard and is filled with patrons from AM to PM.

Who Is It For?

People with a big fat sweet tooth – their mouthwatering milkshakes and desserts won us over with their taste and presentation.

Chow Down

The Chocolate Nutella Torte

Sip On

Frozen Peach Ice Tea, Ferrero Donut Shake


171116_ampm1The ambience at AMPM is both peppy and chilled out. They offer both indoor and rooftop seating {our recommendation is to sit outside, especially when the weather is nice}.

The walls of this restaurant are covered in some old Hollywood posters, which adds a certain character to the place.

What We Loved

The focus on desserts and sweet stuff is amazing – The Chocolate Nutella Torte is heaven for chocolate lovers and is essentially a multi-layered cake with chocolate cookie crust and Nutella ganache.

We tried two of their shakes – the Ferrero Donut shake and the Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk shake – both of which were excellent and sent us in a chocolate-induced food coma.

Service was quick and the staff was polite, so we really had nothing to complain about.

Photos source: AMPM