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    Anandini Himalaya Tea Boutique & Gourmet Jar open shop in SPJ

    Suchita posted on 30 October

    The 3rd edition of Shahpur Jat's Open House unveiled a bunch of surprises and new spots in town. Two that caught our fancy, our appetite and our wandering eye - Anadini Himalaya Tea Boutique and Gourmet Jar.

    ANANDINI HIMALAYA TEA BOUTIQUE | Moveover masala chai… there's new tea in town.

    anandini himalaya tea boutique

    If you haven't met Anamika Singh, the founder of Anandini Tea, you've missed out on one of the most invigorating and tea-filled conversations you'll ever have! This incredibly warm and erudite tea connoisseur has been in the industry for over 18 years. Her love for all things chai and concocting infusions led her to start a store where her beautifully crafted and carefully sourced teas can be found under the label of Anandini Himalaya Tea Boutique, in the heart of SPJ. The tea is from the Manjhee Valley Tea Estate in Dharamsala, which is owned and run by her family. Though the tea has been exported to only Europe so far, its infused variations now have a home in Delhi.

    To begin with, the shop smells fantastic. You'll get a whiff of citrus, spices, and floral aromas as you walk along the length of the store. We sniffed pretty much each and every tester mason jar, and on Anamika's recommendation, decided to try the Pine Wood smoked tea. This particular tea, as nondescript as it may sound, tasted and smelled of nostalgia. One can picture an evening spent infront of an open fire, whiskey in hand, or a childhood camping trip in the forests while sipping on this. And we feel that's what makes Anandini special - it's not just lemon or ginger tea. The flavour combination is mindful and intelligent.

    Notes in our little black book |

    Think of Anandini as the haute couture of teas; if you only like your chai with tons of milk and sugar, and piping hot, you won't find anything to match your taste. The infusions need to be brewed carefully and timely for one to savour the flavour and experience the taste.

    What we recommend | Green Tea with Rhododendron flowers & Himalayan Tulsi, Pine-wood Smoked Tea, First Flush Tea with Lavender flowers & Lemon Grass.

    Where | 12A, DDA Flats, near Asiad Village, Shahpur Jat

    Price | Depends on the type and quantity.

    Check out their Facebook page here for in-house tea tastings and other updates.

     Jamming away to glory

    the gourmet jar

    We told you about Gourmet Jar already; this erstwhile home delivery/pick-up jam company has now expanded into its very own cutesy store in Shahpur Jat! Haven't tasted gourmet's jam yet? You're missing out on a lip-smackingly-awesome spread of everything out of the ordinary. We've all picked up off-the-shelf strawberry jam and marmalade…. until we found them. In their first ever store, you can sample all that's on offer, and pick the spread of your choice.

    Dressed in pink and blue walls, peek-a-boo shelving, a crystal chandelier and jars and jars of jam, The Gourmet Jar's a fairly small space with just about enough room to hop in, taste spoonfuls of jam, and make a purchase of fruity goodness. More than just the range of flavours one has to choose from - they've got banana rum jam, fig orange liqueur jam, bitter orange whiskey marmalade, to name a few - what makes them an LBBD recommended product is that all the jams are handmade using natural ingredients, without preservatives, and minimum sugar. It's healthy, tastes divine, and they get brownie points for their packaging.

    Notes in our Little Black Book |

    Delightful range of flavours, and food that tastes as good as it looks - The Gourmet Jar's all that and more.

    What we recommend | Spicy Onion Balsamic Relish, Orange Apricot Brandy Marmalade, No-sugar-added Date & Prune Jam

    Where |  8A, Shahpur Jat, {Near Bookwise, after Slice of Italy}

    Timings | Monday to Saturday, 11:00 am to 7:00 pm, Open some Sundays as well

    Price | INR 350 for 250 gms {approx.}

    Check out their Facebook page here for all updates.

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