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Even if you’re not a pizza or pasta lover, we just don’t see you saying no to spending the early part of an evening at a quant Italian café, enjoying the setting sun and some cocktails. And if you thought this is just something tourists tend to do on vacation, we’ll have you know – this is just something Italians do, like as part of daily life!

LBB and Caffe Tonino are giving you a taste of Italian life, by inviting you to join us for a taste of Eataly – an evening of Aperitivo.

What is Aperitivo?

Ironically, Apertivo is a concept that seems to be uniform across cultures. Know that time in the early evening, when you’re done with work, and are hungry, but not enough for dinner? The time you end up grabbing a light snack or drinks with friends, but don’t really know what you should be eating, so you still leave room for dinner? Well, props to the Italians for nailing this one, and giving it an actual place in their culture, and on their menus. Say hello to Aperitivo – it’s legit!

Traditionally synonymous with ‘finding something appetizing’, the idea is to prep you for your meal later in the evening – yes, a mini meal as a build up to your main meal… with specially designed cocktails… what’s not to love!

What you can look forward to…

In a nutshell – allow us to introduce you to a traditional Italian Aperitivo.

We’re getting 20 ladies into the gorgeous and super quaint Caffe Tonino, and giving each of you a small taster of three chosen Aperitivi {cocktails}; there’s points for the ladies who can identify what they’re drinking! We’re then splitting you up so you can replicate your favourite two from the chosen three. A quick Bruschetta with multiple toppings demo, and a mini challenge later, we know you’ll be equipped to host your very own Italian inspired soiree, or shall we say sera? {no, shall we really?}

We’re ending the evening in the true spirit of Aperitivo – with more cocktails and concept inspired snacks. A pretty great way to set the tone for a Saturday night dinner, even if dinner isn’t going a hearty Italian meal… Si?

When: Saturday, 28th March, 2015

Where: Caffe Tonino, Connaght Place

Time: 4pm to 6.30pm

Block a space by signing up here {ladies only!}

Sorry, we are booked out for this event. Write to us at to book a spot and we’ll contact you in case of a cancellation! Thank you!