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Walk Around The Art District With The St+art People Every Sunday

Rene posted on 2nd January

What Is It?

All of January, St+art India Foundation will take visitors on a curated tour of the first-ever public art district in Lodhi Colony.

No Sunday plans in the new year? Sign up for this.

Who Is It For?

People who don’t just believe in posing for pretty Instagram photos in front of the Lodhi colony murals.

Why Should I Go For It?



It’s a chance to take a deeper, more meaningful look at the murals with the guys who are behind the project. You’ll better appreciate the beauty that adorns the walls once you know the backstory and learn about the 29 artists who’ve turned Lodhi Colony walls into a thing of beauty.

This is a fun art appreciation class out in the open and you can walk around with coffee. Sold now?

Anything Else?

You can meet fellow walkers at IHC, gate no. 2 {in front of the Visual Arts Gallery}, at 11am.

Photos source: St+art India

St+Art India Foundation

Community Groups