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Handy Guide For Artisanal, Conscious & Eco-Friendly Diwali Gifts

Suchita posted on 15th October

Words by: Keerti Kataria

It’s almost feverish, these few weeks before Diwali. The excitement is palpable, with endless 1+1 offers, late night get togethers, unapologetic food habits and all the gift shopping. Yes, the snoozefest that is weekend gift shopping.

As an effort to bring those terrifying tales and Tupperware trauma to an end, we have scouted for inspiring gifts that give back. Instead of the formal ooohs and aaahhs, get ready to receive gratitude from your loved ones, as well as the Indian artisan. Of all things rare and inexpensively beautiful that Delhi has to offer, here’s our convenient gift guide to handicrafts and eco-friendly Diwali products.

At Cottage Emporium

For those who want to finish their festive shopping in a one day intensive (and are lazy like me), simply head out to the all-encompassing Cottage Emporium in CP. Discounts can be availed of if you buy in bulk, and gifts vary from silver jewelry to home furnishings. Definitely worth a visit! For more details, head here.


Recycled Brass Ware- Cottage Emporium

From the conventional Lakshmi Ganesha to the striking Nataraj, Brassware fits right into everyone’s indi-chic ‘ethnic corner’. Our pick would be the handcrafted, recycled candle holders and dishes.

Price: Starting at INR 799


Dhokra Art- Cottage Emporium

A personal favorite, Dhokra is amongst the oldest traditional techniques of metal casting in India, practiced for over 4,000 years. Despite being age old, these figurines look quirky and promise great value for money!

Price: Single figurines start at INR 100, Dhokra paintings go up till INR 10,000


Handpainted Candles

Despite the cliché, colorful diyas and artistic candles are front runners this season. We picked up the eco-friendly soy candles for diya floats and the painted ones for rangoli.

Price: Handpainted diyas at INR 130 a packet, Soy Candles at INR 225 for 12 pieces



God is in the details when it comes to these carved miniature book ends, Buddha figurines and coasters created with soap stone and embellished with semi precious stones such as mother of pearl, lapiz lazuli, malachite, cornellian etc.

Price: Buddha Figurine at INR 972

Other Indie-Pride Finds


Haathi Chaap 'Photua' Frames

Haathi Chaap’s stationary is famous for making a statement wherever you go. The latest is the ‘Photua’ frame, with its playful illustrations in indian colors. The prices make me want to buy this for the entire family! Available at . For store details go to ; Price | INR 249- 424


Dastakar Bead Work Coasters

These are perfect for that indulgent diwali dinner. Skip the gifting and buy these for yourself!

Where | Dastakar: Available at 45-B, Shahpur Jat; Price | INR 799



A treasure for those who love color, Indian artisans online is the perfect mix between the traditional and modern. Your mother would love you for your great taste in kitchen accessories.

Where | Indian Artisans Online: ; Price | Madhubani Painted tray at INR 1150, Narangi Palmleaf tray at INR 1120


Ayurveda Gift Packs

I’m secretly wishing I get this for Diwali {hint hint}. Usually priced at INR 700 {approx.}, KAMA Ayurveda’s intensive therapy oils, along with body scrubs and soap come together in special gifting baskets starting at INR 1100.

Where | KAMA Ayurveda: Look their store options or buy online at or Cottage Emporium.

You can find similar products at all the Diwali melas which will, soon, take over town. But, you can't always be assured of how eco-conscious or ethically sourced they are. Eitherway, you have plenty to choose from- keep a look out for LBBD's Diwali mela guide which comes out later this week.

Happy shopping!

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