Artisanal Pizzas & Cinnamon Sangria: Who's Up For A Laidback Italian Dinner?

    Greater Kailash - 1, Delhi


    Roadhouse Cafe in GK has a lovely rooftop-cum-cafe that’s tailor-made for a casual date night. They source the freshest ingredients from all over town and take pride in making most things from scratch. So, think healthy, hearty and beautiful {both ambience and the food}.

    What Makes It Awesome

    All the way from Kathmandu, Roadhouse Cafe is one of our go-to pasta places. They’re happy to do a half n’ half pizza so the vegetarian in the relationship can munch on the side with rocket leaves and sun-dried tomatoes while the carnivore can devour the chicken ham and sausage and more chicken. PS: they do a magical thin crust.

    The unique medley of Nepalese and authentic Italian is also something our taste buds enjoyed thoroughly. If you’re looking at picking from the Nepalese side, go straight to the Smoked Chicken Sandekho. If you’re team Italy, go Roadhouse Special Pasta and you’ll realise what food minimalism is all about – it’s amazing that it’s not doused in sauces in true Dilli style.

    Chipotle Chili Hummus with pita gets the best supporting cast and we’d urge you to try this out for sure. And the bruschetta with fresh tomatoes and basil because what’s an Italian meal without this homemade bread?

    Whether it’s the fudge cookies that come with the coffee or the fact that they promise using no preservatives in our juice… It’s the little things here that make us happy. The good news is that all this great food is also served with utmost care – something needs to be said about how great service can make every nice meal utterly memorable.

    Hop by when you want some alone time with the bitter half {or the pizza half?} and don’t leave without chocolate mousse.

      Greater Kailash - 1, Delhi