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Arty New Spot Parallel Is All For Cocktails & Eatable Alcohol Shots

Kasturi posted on 22 August


Newly opened in Khan Market, Parallel is a craft kitchen and bar that experiments with European and Indian dishes, putting their own interpretations in place of the traditional fare.

Chow Down

House-made Fettuccine, Spinach & Arugula Salad, Textures {dessert}

Sip On

Grape Martini, Cosmopolitan, Apricot & White Rum Edible

Winning For

Stunning interiors with light fixtures that crawl parallel to each other on the walls, and the supremely and surprisingly comfortable wooden seating, with bright yellow cushions thrown about the space. They’ve also done up the place in dim lights and aesthetics that are minimal but sophisticated, making it a perfectly fine place for a date night.

What’s On The Menu

 The drinks are obviously at the top of our list with their concoctions of Vodka and Litchi Jello Shots {which also comes in a variety of flavours}. The Grape Martini is exquisite, and we just had to order seconds of the Cosmo.

While the menu is ripe for picking the usual salads and pastas, we’d instead recommend the Spinach and Arugula for the crunch of leaves, tartness of grapes and feta for the aftertaste. For vegetarians, one of our favourite picks was the bite-sized Feta Stuffed Mushrooms, and the Bhavnagri Panko Fry if you’re a fan of sweet corn and Reshampatty chutney. The latter is quite hot on the tongue, so beware of the spice. For non-vegetarians, the Cheesy Keema Pav is quite filling, even though it comes under ‘Small Plates’. We had quite some fun trying out the Amla Murabba Chicken Wings.

Don’t miss out on the Paunchy Pig for anything, with panch phoran braised pulled pork and a drizzle of apricot chutney, red cabbage slaw and saffron-glazed onions. It comes in a thepla, but don’t let that daunt you.

If you’re skipping to the mains, the House-Made Fettuccine is your best friend. The green apples are a tangy addition, and the cilantro pesto reminds one of peanut chutney.

So We’re Saying…

Remember to save some space for the dessert. Textures comes in a chocolate sphere, with hot chocolate poured over to reveal brownie crumble, basil ice cream and more goodies. The Sea Salt Caramel Pot de Creme is also quite a treat if you’re looking for something on the lighter side.

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locationKhan Market

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Casual Dining
locationKhan Market