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Office Chairs {K}not So Easy On Your Back? Attend This Yoga Session

Sunaina posted on 18th January

What Is It?

A trigger point therapy session with renowned yogi Zubin Atre, designed to relieve you of any back pains, neck stiffness and shoulder blade pain due to trigger points or knots formed while sitting on those rather uncomfy office chairs.

Who Is It For?

Mostly for people who have desk jobs which kill your motivation and your back! Since backs are susceptible to stress while you sit in front of your laptops, it’s good to relieve them of some tension.

By attending this session, you will know how to untie those nasty trigger points in your back. It’s also for regular yoga practitioners who can inculcate some back exercises in their regular practice.

Why Should I Go For It?


If you have a strenuous desk job which makes you sit hunched in front of your laptop for hours you are bound to get bad knots all over your back. You’ll definitely feel less stressed and definitely more rejuvenated.

Anything Else?

You can register by writing to Zubin directly at and leave your name, e-mail and contact number. You can also call them at +91 9958937036 book your seat.

The workshop stands reasonable at INR 1,600 for registered peeps and INR 2,000 for people who want to drop in last minute. Call them to get directions though. Finding places in Shahpur Jat can be a ‘lil tricky!

When: 22 Jan

Where: Atre Yoga Studio

Timings: 12:30pm – 2:00pm

Photo source: AtréYoga Studio

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AtreYoga Studio

Shahpur Jat
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