Authentic, Flavourful Coastal Food In The Heart Of Delhi

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What Makes It Awesome

If you haven't been to Sanadige, you're missing out on the best coastal food in the city. I've been here a bunch of times over the past eight months, and every single time the food has been nothing short of being excellent, the service has been impressive, and the drinks have been the perfect accompaniment to a hearty meal.

The decor is nothing to write home about, but you don't go to Sanadige for the vibe. This place is meant for people who enjoy authentic, flavourful, South Indian and coastal food. Their curries are a must-try; chicken, prawn, fish {I haven't had anything that's lamb based}, pick your favourite, ask the servers for recommendations, and you won't be disappointed. I'd recommend you to order a portion of their bread basket {not the wheat, multigrain nonsense} which are four different types of rice-based breads, including appams, neer dosa, and two others which I hadn't tried before. Also, the chicken ghee roast is everything. The fragrance of this dish is the perfect prelude to what comes up; succulent pieces of chicken, roasted in ghee, wrapped in a chilli paste.

Please don't leave the restaurant without having their tender coconut payasam or the phirni. Both are light and they hit the spot.

What's My Pro Tip?

Ask for Satish. He's one of their coolest servers and gave us reccos from their menu, including the payasam which I hadn't had before. Coastal food is also deceptively satiating. Though the portions don't look hearty, one dish is more than enough for 3 people with a healthy appetite.

Anything Else?

We ordered one main, one starter, one bread basket, four drinks and a dessert, and the total mean was about INR 5400. 100% worth it; especially if you like and appreciate coastal food.

Please have one of their fresh fruit cocktails; their watermelon brumble {watermelon and gin} is my go-to, and jamun martini {pictured} is my new discovery of the week!

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