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Abhijeet posted on 10 November


If you look forward to the emails from Signature and spend your time reading quotes on Goodreads, congratulations! You are a certified bookworm {and we love you!}. For everyone who wants recommendations on great books, new releases, plot lines from famous books and author interviews, Harper Broadcast is the newsletter you gotta sign-up for.

Book It Right Away

Do you know that Gulzar saahab is releasing his first book called Two in November? If not, that’s the kind of update the Harper Broadcast newsletter will bring to you. You can check out everything from latest releases to top picks for every month and a lot more.

For The Love Of Reading

We love reading book excerpts and getting inside the mind of our favourite authors. From getting tips on how to write better or channeling our inner creativity to conjure a story, to reading interviews, Harper Broadcast will whet your appetite for reading like nothing else.

So, We Are Saying...

Subscribing to the Harper Broadcast newsletter costs nothing. Yes, it’s free! It typically lands in your inbox on 30th of every month {yeah, around payday} so you can lie back and immerse yourself in a new book every month.

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