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Auto Stuck in Traffic? Now Pay Waiting Charges

Urvee posted on 15 December

The Delhi government is planning to introduce new meters in autos that will take into account "waiting charges". That means, if your auto-rickshaw gets stuck in a jam, you may have to pay more money. 

Auto unions have been demanding waiting charges for a while now, and they say the primary reason they refuse passengers is the fear of getting stuck in long jam {as there is no waiting charge now}. We're not too convinced with that reasoning, but then again, anything to make them go by the meter, amirite?

Delhi Transport Minister Gopal Rai has asked the Delhi Integrated Multi-Modal Transit System (DIMTS) to submit a proposal in 15 days on how the waiting charge could be incorporated technologically. The Delhi Autorickshaw Sangh has welcomed the move wholeheartedly.

The minister has also said that government will issue permits to 10,000 new autos, in view of the odd-even scheme starting January 1.

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Feature image courtesy: Scooter Parts India