3 Stores To Keep On Your Radar For Your Next Visit To Baani Square

Navni posted on 18 February


Baani Square is an up-and-coming area in Gurgaon, with new restaurants and cafes coming up every so often. Bu,t there are also some great stores in the area—here are three you should definitely factor in some time for...

Sampurna Gifts

Sampurna Gifts is the ideal shop to head to when you need a gift for someone, and you’re not really sure what to get. From lamps made out of painted Chivas and Old Monk bottles to funky crockery in chevron prints, colourful mason jars and bottles, mugs, coaster and other knick-knacks, there’s a multitude of things to pick from.

Home Décor Stores

Baani Square, G-19 & G-36, Sector 50, Gurgaon

The Baby Station

If you have a little one, this shop may be worth a visit for multiple little and big things for him/her. They’ve got prams, onesies, bottles, rattles and a pretty great variety of clothes (the shop owners import most of these) and the cutest collection of shoes for those first steps.

Clothing Stores

Baani Square, G-51 & 52, Sector 50, Gurgaon

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The Secret Garden

For anything flora, The Secret Garden strives to deliver. Be it a bouquet of flowers, a sapling, artificial shrubs and foliage or a cluster of bamboo for that element of ‘luck,’ ask and ye shall (probably) receive.

These guys also home deliver within Gurgaon, so if you're someone who tends to forget special occasions, these would make great last-minute gifts.


G-12A, Baani Square, Sector 50, Gurgaon

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