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Bae Loves Gadgets? Here's What You Should Gift Them!

Mary posted on 14 February

Valentine's Day is here and if you're reading this, you're really late. But now is the time to take immediate action, so that you don't land up for a date empty handed.

And if bae is in love with gadgets, we have you sorted with a handy list of gifts that will make your SO fall in love with you all over again.  

Bae Who Wants To Netflix And Chill


Well, they say, go big or go home. And this LED TV is perfect for a little bit of Valentine's day Netflix and chill. Want to take it up a notch? Make sure you have all their favourite movies/series lined up, and don't forget the popcorn and pizza please. 

#LBBPicks: The Premium 4K TV 

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Bae Who Wants To Click Selfies

A Smartphone

Treat bae to a brand new smartphone, which will ensure that the conversations never stop. Add to that countless selfies, that will ensure you have a treasure-trove of memories to last a lifetime. What's not to love here, right?

#LBBPicks: The Eluga Note

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Bae Who Wants To Travel The World

A DSLR Camera

If bae loves to travel, they could not have asked for a better companion than this ultra cool DSLR camera. Want to win brownie points? Get away for a quick getaway in the coming long weekends, so that you can put your new camera to good use. Profile pictures to get other people jealous? Sorted. 

#LBBPicks:  Digital Single Lens Mirrorless Camera DC-GH5GA

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Bae Who Loves Music


If music is what you both love, this pair of headphones is sure to do the trick. Make it extra memorable by creating a playlist of your favourite songs together, so that your SO can listen to them, whenever they miss you. Love is definitely in the music. 

#LBBPicks: Stereo Headphones 

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Bae Who Loves Food

Microwave Oven

Grocery shopping might be one of the most fun things ever, especially if you're allowed to run free in the shiny aisles. So this V-day, we recommend you head to a grocery store and get yourself some ingredients with which you can whip up a dinner together.

Want to make it extra special? Bake a cake in this microwave oven to celebrate your love affair. After all, a couple that eats together, stays together. 

#LBBPicks:  The NN-GT221W microwave

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That's not all. Panasonic has you sorted with a wide range of gadgets that are sure to make your V-day extra special and memorable. Check out their entire website here, for some fun gifts. 

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