By Editors

Know how gentlemen never seem to understand why us ladies need these giant handbags, yet we find ourselves carrying their car keys and wallets on many occasions? A lot of us have, at some point, returned the favour by making them carry our keys and cell phones in their suit pockets, as we handle our saris and dupattas at weddings.

Enter the clutch – elegant, just the right size to fit a phone and set of keys, and any other vanity related paraphernalia you might wish to carry around {ok, you lip gloss anyway!}. Keeping in line with two trends – style and weddings in general – Etre is giving LBB readers a chance to get their hands on one of two of their super funky clutches, so you can put them to good use even after shaadi season is over.

A team of two, Etre was started by two super talented leather accessory designers, looking to transform the traditional Indian accessory. Institutionalised in 2013, the brand is the brainchild of Shreya Bhan and Anshul Tyagi, who collectively bring global trends experience and an understanding of leather manufacturing to the table. The result is here for all of you to see right here! One of these embellished beauties could be yours! All you have to do is answer this simple question!

Sorry, this contest is over, stay tuned for more!