Calling All Bakers: Bake Shake’s Tools Will Look So Cute In Your Kitchen!

    What Makes It Awesome

    Raise your hand if you’ve turned to baking as a coping mechanism during quarantine (I’ll be raising both my hands) and have made an infinite amount of banana bread. Pre-lockdown, I was cool with whatever limited amount of baking tools I had, one square tin, one set of measuring cups, no piping bags. Seriously, I didn’t even have an oven mitt. But now that I’m baking at least one new dessert every 2 days, I turned to Bake Shake, an online store that has everything you’d need to bake up a storm from muffin tins and moulds to chocolate and yeast. 

    I had a major cookie craving so I ordered chocolate compound that’s the best type to use for baking and chocolate chips because you can never go wrong with them. I was also feeling a little bougie so I got their Gucci moulds for, yup, designer cookies. If you’re not that extra, they also have reusable heart shaped moulds, as well as floral and cartoon-themed ones. They also have nozzles to make your frosting look extra fancy and I definitely have my eye on the blow torch although I’m a little far off from being able to bake at that level (my creme brulee awaits.) 

    You can also get food colouring and flavours like vanilla essence, hazelnut, red velvet and decorations like rainbow sprinkles that’ll work great if you’re baking a birthday cake. Considering how almost every product is reusable, the prices are pretty affordable and if baking is something that’s making you happy, it’s a worthy investment. 

    Price: INR 100 onwards

    What Could Be Better

    For the ingredients, it would be nice if they had the nutritional value listed especially for the box mixes.


    There’s free shipping on all orders over INR 1,500.