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8 More Reasons You Should Be At Sugar Rush In DLF Mall Of India This Weekend

Anushka posted on 06 August

Decadent chocolate desserts, iconic Indian sweets, mouth-watering savoury goodies – the reasons to attend Sugar Rush at DLF Mall of India this weekend are endless. But if you need a little more persuasion, we have just the bakeries that will get you rushing to make plans and tagging your friends for an epic time of devouring delicious food, desserts and beverages.

221 B Baker Street

Noida’s own 221 B Baker Street is going to be there to induce a happy sugar rush, with their range of decadent desserts that get the chocoholics in us super excited! We can’t wait to try their sweet chocolate cake, desserts in a jar, mud cake, cookies and more!


The perfect solution to our gifting woes, Amazeology has beautiful customised products ranging from gourmet cookies to chocolate beans, including super yum fortune cookies! You can even personalise their sweet products with images and text, so every gift is special, unique and likely to induce the celebratory spirit.

Beruska Desserts

Who doesn’t love artisanal chocolates and dessert bars in innovative flavour combinations? We can’t stop loving Beruska‘s amazing range of milk and dark Belgian chocolates, that’ll get you drooling at first sight for sure!

The Fine Food Cellar

Treat your taste buds to an array of delicacies by The Fine Food Cellar, including their famous Marlenka honey cake! Inspired from an old Armenian family recipe, the cakes come in three classic flavours – walnut, honey and cocoa. Available in various sizes with a gluten-free option as well, you’ll be tempted to pack away all the slices.

Gourmet Medley's

Love cookies but love your waistline more? Watch your calorie intake as much as Netflix? Then Gourmet Medley‘s is your one-stop solution for healthy binge-eating, with their extensive range of flaxseed cookies, vegan fudge, baked wheat crispies, moong dal crackers, hung curd dip and more. No more cheat days needed!

Ka Eclairs

Creamy eclairs coated with the goodness of chocolate? Just thinking of them makes us happy {and hungry!} and now you can get the yummiest ones in town with Ka Eclairs at Sugar Rush. Lip-smacking desserts are their speciality, with cakes and pastries also on offer that’ll get you binging for sure!


When fruits and desserts combine – we get the best of both worlds! With that in mind, Meraki’s candied snacks retain the nutritive goodness of fruits, and are perfect for munching on their own, or as toppings on ice-cream, desserts or an ingredient in breakfast cereals, cakes, salads, yogurt and custard. You can also power up your day by blending it into a yummy smoothie and ensure you get your daily dose of vitamins and minerals with their goodies.

Mimz by Nathu's

Mimz by Nathu’s has the finest range of bakery and confectionery goodies, including fresh and delicious fondant cakes, cupcakes, cookies, breads and much more. Customize them to your taste and style, because every Delhiwaala knows that Nathu’s sweets are a trusted name in superior quality desserts.

Join us for three-day extravaganza of desserts and fun, with our curated line of bakers, coffee brewers, ice cream vendors, cafes and more!

When: August 4 – 6

Timings: 12pm – 8pm

Where: DLF Mall Of India, Noida

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