By Mahima Dayal

Delhi finally has its own personalized space for the arts, which is run by people who are open to experimenting with chaos. Named Bakheda, which means chaos in hindi, it is simply an empty hall with high ceiling fans and golden lights, lined with discarded antiques from an erstwhile handicraft emporium.

What now looks like an underground gallery was once a chicken shed next to Graphic Artist Jiten Suchede’s studio. Jiten, along with seven friends, decided to turn their new found den into an experience for those willing to communicate their musings with art.

What makes it stand out is the simplicity of its interiors and the kind of artists that this space has been hosting, without delving into much publicity, over the past few months. The venue is open to musicians and artists who are looking for a place to set up and play into the night, while fans can join in and mull over the serene space and music.

tritha-bakheda-delhi{Tritha’s performance at Bakheda}

Tucked in the alleys of Saidul Ajab, Bakheda was the unannounced venue for Tritha’s tour last month. They now also host an exciting new fort-nightly film screening series which screened Jim Jarmusch’s Stranger than Paradise, a landmark film in American independent cinema! So keep a close eye on their Facebook page for updates on the next event they will be hosting, for this will not be a party where you can dumb yourself drunk into the night… it will be a space that will allow you to gather your thoughts amid the chaos they call Bakheda.


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Where | Said ul Ajaib, check out their Facebook page for directions.

For enquiries about gigs | Email

Check out their Facebook page here for updates.

*please note | this article has been updated based on most recent feedback given to us by the owners of the space.