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    Baking From My Heart: Gluten-Free Cookies, Pastas & Pancakes

    Navni posted on 27 April


    When Aarti Sarin Jain realised her son had celiac disease and couldn’t consume gluten, she took it upon herself to make sure he still had a plethora of yummy meals and desserts to indulge in. What resulted was her kitchen- Baking From My Heart, where we can all order from now.

    Lots Of Loaf

    One of the most basic and popular products at Baking From My Heart is the bread. Aarti makes these {along with everything else} in a completely contamination-free kitchen, from self-ground flours on an almost daily basis, so you can place your order just a day in advance and get your loaf delivered fresh first thing in the morning.

    Apart from these, the chocolate chip cookies are always a popular pick. We’re also intrigued by the double chocolate zucchini loaf and the beetroot amaranth brownie.

    Everything is made from ingredients available locally and Aarti has put in years of research to perfect the recipes so that everything tastes good, even to small children’ we’re sure all her three children can vouch for that.

    All About That Base

    Baking From My Heart isn’t only about dessert- they also do pizza bases, cheese crackers, fresh pasta and roti atta, constantly proving that a gluten-free diet doesn’t have to be insipid.

    If your child has a gluten allergy and his birthday is coming up, you can’t simply not have cake. We’d suggest giving Aarti a call at least four to five days in advance to place your orders.

    She doesn’t do decorative cakes but what she can promise is a gorgeous chocolate cake which is, in all likeliness, going to be the highlight of the day.

    Where: Send a WhatsApp message to +91 8527800436. Online ordering to start very soon, here.

    Price: Starting at INR 300 for a packet of cheese crackers

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