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Just the Bare Necessities of Life | Gurgaon Edition

Aditi posted on 17th June

By Aditi Datta

As far as concrete jungles go, we fondly call Gurgaon our very own. We think it’s only befitting that a jungle of any kind comes with a basic survival guide. This list might not help you fight off a bear {and we seriously hope you never have to}, but at times when you wonder if you’re going to make it through the wilderness, you might want to turn to these services to have a somewhat better day.

When you’re desperately trying and wildly unsuccessful at leaving your desk, so you can finally get around to a grocery top-up | An online grocery store with an elaborate list of fresh fruit and vegetables, GoOnions allows you to browse virtual aisles of basic and exotic produce, and build your basket online. After you feel you've done the healthy thing by getting your 5-a-day stock replenished, there is room for the mandatory reward, with their newly introduced section of fresh bakes. You can order seafood and meats too, but we’d suggest you double check availability. Pay online or cash on delivery. The best part? You can pick a time slot for delivery, so your groceries make it home after you do.

Contact: Call 8826027779/8826016662 or click here.

When your maid says she’ll be gone for a week, and you’re counting how many days there are in a week

The Maids’ Company | Not that we’ve ever found a pot of hidden treasure, but we hear that finding the right person to look after your home is sometimes even better. To keep your house running, you can count on the efficient Maids’ Company – an agency that not only employs, but also empowers domestic workers by making them part owners of the business. You can get weekly or monthly help for select services from a crew of domestic professionals, and know fully well that the pay is fair to the worker and to you. More power, we say.

Contact: 0124 4242000 or click here.

When your flight leaves tonight, but your passport is safely stored in a drawer with a tragically broken handle

EasyFix | A one-stop solution for home repairs, EasyFix has on staff a professional body of Electricians, Plumbers and Carpenters. Skilled, courteous and reliably charging according to a rate card, the company guarantees addressing your query within an hour, and the handy repair crew promises to be there on time, so there’s no waiting around. With a minimal charge for a home visit and services priced competitively, we’re happy to be rescued from leaky faucets and busted electricals so quickly and so easily.

Contact: 011 44838888 or click here.

When we want an answer to the question – who lets the dogs out?

Alfa 11 | A little haven for pets located in Palam Vihar, Gurgaon, this property lets your furry best friend run wild and free. Okay, not completely wild; the staff keeps a strict eye to make sure all the ‘guests’ play nice. But if you think your dog should have his own little vacation while you’re out on yours, this is the perfect accommodation for him. With trained personnel attending to the dogs, you can enjoy your Kristal in Bali with the safe knowledge that your pet is enjoying his kibble in Gurgaon {quite possibly by the doggie-only poolside at that}. Alfa 11 also offers dog-training and dog-walking services, and the option of day boarding or day care. If you’re worried about leaving your pet home alone all day. know that he/she could better spend his/her time running around with other puppies. It really is a dog’s life.

Contact: 9810964472/9810854472 or click here.

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