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    We Drink Beer On Days That End With 'Y': Here Are 7 Beer & Food Pairings You Need To Try Now!

    Abhijeet posted on 15 February


    We recently tried HAPPY beer, a lager variant launched by Thirsty Beers, which reminded us of everything happy – not in a chortling-child way, but rather in a laid-back, vast expanse of the blue, guitars and yacht, summer-love, and easy-going holiday vibe way. And, to our surprise, this lager fared extremely well when paired with food. Here’s what really surprised us, and we recommend trying these pairings through the course of the week.

    Spiced-Up Monday!

    Monday being a no-fun day, sunset recipe is what you are most likely to try. But after a drag-of-a-day, when you finally hit home, a little bit of spice will have you geared up for the oncoming week. Go extreme with a ghost-pepper based recipe, or keep it on the down-low with mild-spicy food. Either way, a can of HAPPY will be more than enough to soothe your otherwise burning insides.

    Take It Easy Tuesdays

    A real surprise while pairing HAPPY lager came when we decided to go leafy on our palate. YES, surprisingly, while we all know spicy food pairs well with beer {universally}, salads are a different game, which often brings with the notions of wine-sniffing and calorie-counting – sort of the anti-thesis to everything beer stands for. So, this is a big win for every beer lover out there.

    Wedge Up Wednesdays

    Finger food is the kind of mid-week crisis comfort food that all of us can appreciate. Easy on the eye and heavy on the carbs, the fried and tasty {albeit unhealthy} food – from potato wedges to French fries, is a super combo when paired with a glass of HAPPY lager. Put on your favourite show, lie back on your couch, keep a can of chilled HAPPY next to you, and enjoy some much-needed, mid-week R&R.

    Swimming Thursdays

    If seafood is bae, let the taste of your favourite fish or crustaceans, along with a can of HAPPY, wash over you. Its citrus notes are enough to balance the salty undertones of your favourite dish. Best pairing? Salted-Cod.

    Say-Cheese Friday

    By this time you are happy. The Week is wrapping up, and so is your work. As you look forward to the onslaught of weekend-merriment, time to go easy on the palate. Excitingly enough, HAPPY lager goes well with hard/aged cheese. Pair up a cold one with a cheese platter and party hard!

    Carb-Up Saturdays

    HAPPY lager’s predominant hop {flower of Hop plant which is used flavour the beer} is Herkules, which gives this beer a spicy and bitter undertone. And, kudos to the makers, for us carnivores can finally enjoy rich and intense meats – beef steaks and pork tenderloin.

    Sunny Sundays

    Finally, we come to our favourite day – #BrunchGoals Sunday. Wake up late, skip breakfast and head for a burger brunch. All burgers, including the veg ones, pair perfectly with a can of HAPPY lager. Now that you know what food goes well with a beer, you will never run out of reasons to become HAPPY :) Try it now, and let us know if you have found other food which pairs well with a can of your favourite brew. Follow HAPPY by Thirsty Beers on Facebook and Instagram to find out more awesome food pairings.

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