Supermart has little to offer by way of chill hang out spots. There’s no place to park your booty for the evening and just chill with a couple of drinks, so the Beer Cafe is a welcome addition to this market, with its beautiful front yard {perfect for chilling on a cool summer evening, or a warm winter day} and an amazing range of beer to choose from.

The food is consistently good and is the exact sort of thing one would like to pair with friends and beer.

Must Eat

Beer Batter Fish/Prawn/Onion Rings {so good melted in our mouths–batter is just fab}, Carnivorous Treat Pizza, Italian Job Pizza

Must Drink

Image courtesy: Ankita Kohli/Zomato

Image courtesy: Ankita Kohli/Zomato

Beertails {beer cocktails}, Beer Rita, Crazy Nuts

You can choose from an extensive menu of bottled beer. They’re kind enough to give you a description of each so you can get exactly what your palate is looking for.

What We Loved

The chance to try international beer, and finally a space in Supermart where you can catch live music. The Beero-sphere is pretty nifty.

What Didn’t Impress Us

Minor design flaw in the courtyard that caused people to trip {yep, we saw this happen} so keep your eyes on the ground when you walk in.

What Is The Best Time To Visit?

Summer evenings and winter weekends.

Anything Else?

Beer-o-sphere! This is the first outlet to have a dedicated retail space for all things beer. From cooling devices to beer foamers, drink markers, glassware and decor items {think beer meets Game of Thrones cushion covers}. They’ve managed to get exclusive rights to US-patented products like the Chill Puck, Sonic Foamer and the Spin Chill.

If beer is bae, Beer Cafe definitely needs to be visited.

Featured image courtesy: The Beer Cafe