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    Believe It! This Unusual Camping Fest Has Music Through The Night & Art Workshops

    Rene posted on 04 August

    What Is It?

    Malanad Calling is a three-day camping festival dedicated to the good things: Music, art and nature. It’s turning seven years old this year and is the brainchild of Namaha Art Community {NAC}. Planned for Sept 8-10, it’s happening in Chikmaglur {Karnataka} and is a mix of jam sessions, art workshops, nature walks, cooking classes, acoustic performances and artist interactions. 

    Who Is It For?

    Artists, musicians, storytellers, nature lovers, free-spirited hippies, backpackers, night owls, explorers or tired worker ants.

    In short, it’s for everyone who likes a vacation with a difference or just likes meeting new, like-minded people.

    Why Should I Go For It?

    It’s as hipster and as alternative as it gets. Think along the lines of an open-air art gallery, colouring and dreamcatcher-making workshops, Poi sessions and more. There’ll be open jam sessions and artist talks where you can call upon your skills or just sit back and get inspired.

    You {and your fellow fest partner} will be surrounded by nature and listening to music under the stars without anyone telling you to head to the camp because it’s too late. Isn’t that exciting?

    The weather will be perfect and you’ll be as far from the city and it’s irritating inhabitants that come in many forms like the chronic honker or the cranky neighbour. Bonus: It’ll be a refreshing change from Himachal.

    Don’t believe anything? Watch these videos from the previous years to get an idea of what all you’ll miss if you choose to stay back.

    Anything Else?

    If you’re a bit iffy about staying in tents, you have the option of choosing a room on twin-sharing basis or dormitory. This, however, is subject to availability and first-come-first-served basis.

    Get more info here.

    Buy your tickets here.

    When: Sept 8-10

    Where: Chikmaglur, Karnataka

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