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Bernardo's And Rajnikart Get Together For An Epic Brekkie

Parul posted on 27th August

Ten-Second Takeaway

A ‘kool’ kart meets a beachside shack in a landlocked city and they do breakfast together: Rajnikart and Bernardo’s didn’t just imagine it, they cooked it up and will do so every Sunday morning, so you know where you gotta be this weekend.

Chow Down

Four-Egg White Omelette with chorizo {served with maska pao and corn on the cob}

Sip On

Thalaiva Mojitea – curry leaves, orange, mint ginger mulled into green tea

Winning For

The best food marriage yet! The menu changes every Sunday, though we do hope they keep some of the stuff we loved. For this kind of dough, you get to choose any two main courses and if you think two is less, you’re so so wrong

What's On The Menu?

Photo source: Rajnikart

Photo courtesy: Rajnikart

We’re talking four egg white omelettes with some of the finest frills; last week the spread included green roast chicken {read: Cafreal} and homemade pork chorizo, and lest vegetarians fell left out, there was also chilli cheese and Portuguese mushroom.

If you’re not in the mood for fluffy eggs {say, whaa?!}, choose Goan-style French Toast which is essentially pao stuffed with a choice of roast pork {choose this!} or spiced mushroom or cheese, coated with egg and fried. There was also a masala version with onions, tomatoes, chilli and coriander to warm the desi heart.

For a full-on Anglo experience however, Sunday brekkie needs pancakes and the ones at this pop up came with cinnamon, banana and raisins. If hoppers it must be then there had to be dosa too, choose from plain butter, benne, Mysore or pork cheese, yes, pork and cheese!

And where there is dosa, there must be idli too and that’s not all, keeping the Delhi spirit in mind there was aloo bedmi; you can skip the aloo curry and choose Vindalho or Chicken Cafreal, hell yes.

So, We’re Saying…

This coming Sunday, do Goa in Gurgaon with breakfast that’s loaded with all the right words, from cheese to fish curry instead of sambhar to shredded pork instead of pork curry and a crazy array of choices at this one of a kind brekkie pop up!

Featured photo courtesy: Bernardo's

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Casual Dining
DLF Phase - 4

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DLF Phase - 4
Casual Dining