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For all of our readers with a little one, or little ones, or a little one on the way, check out Berrytree Organic. While everyone is feeling the organic food craze, they’re remembered to include babies as well! The folks at Berrytree Organic know how important the first steps in health and nutrition are for any baby. Their primary aim is to provide you with options as good as homemade food, including fruit purees, which are delicious and easy to digest. They handpick top quality fruit that are grown in organic farms to make sure that the end product is nutritious and flavourful.

Starting off, Berrytree Organic offers three different fruit purees including Apple Strawberry Banana, Apple Banana, and Pear Mango. Just to give you an idea of how organic and natural these products are, they have a list of what’s not included in their products. You will find they are 100% vegetarian with no gluten, milk or milk products, no sugar added, no flavour substances, no colourants, and last but not least, no preservatives.

And to top it all, it’s really easy and super convenient to order from them. You can call up to order and get free delivery anywhere around Delhi and the NCR. They are also available for online ordering via Amazon and They are also located at stores such as Altitude Organic & Natural Products, The Taste, Defence Store, and Deluxe Store.

So introduce your child to Berrytree’s delicious and organic babyfood, and before you know it your baby will be just as big of an organic food fan as you are.

Where: C-78 DDA Sheds Okhla Phase 1

Contact: 070428 45500

Price: INR 250 per jar

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