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Bespoke Holidays With OffRoads India


    OffRoads India is a travel company specialising in curated experiences and journeys in India for young, eager travellers.

    Who is It for?

    The trips OffRoads India specialises in are carefully crafted but also usually full of activity. So while it is true there is something for everyone, the experience is more suited to a younger crowd {between 20-35 years old}.

    Trips are not cheap, and OffRoads doesn’t try to hide that from you. To plan, organise and execute a tailor-made trip is difficult, and expensive, but you get what you pay for, and OffRoads provide unique holidays to the places you want to go, without you having to lay the groundwork yourself.

    How It Works

    OffRoads offers two types of trips – group and bespoke trips. Group trips are organised by the company and take place at  set dates, and are open to all; they take place monthly. Bespoke trips are when a group, or family or couple, contact the OffRoads team to have a specialised trip created for them {these are especially popular with foreign tourists}. Once you have contacted the team, a survey is shared with you to better understand your likes, dislikes and desires. This helps in curating the experience for your group.

    The Trips

    While researching OffRoads, and talking to their founder Navkiran Brar, we saw the three major trips they have previously hosted included a two-night getaway through rural Rajasthan, a two-night cultural exploration of Amritsar in Punjab, and a three-night trek through the Thar Desert and Jaisalmer. To us, each trip sounded more exciting than the last.

    They have an upcoming excursion to Mcleod Ganj in July, where you can soak in the culture around the area, paraglide over the majestic mountains, and generally explore all that the place has to offer. Check out the details here.

    Contact: Mail them at

    Price: Prices vary according to the trip {INR 9,999 for the Mcleodganj trip}

    Check out their website here, and follow them on Facebook here.