One of the few red-meated birds, the duck is fast making an appearance on menus across restaurants in the capital, and we’re all for it. Usually served in a sweetish sauce or gravy, or some sort of sweet accompaniment, the meat is tender, flavoursome and we feel it’s a good change from the usual chicken. Here’s where to head for a bite.

Duck Cornetto At Indian Accent

A mini crunchy cone filled with spiced duck meat, it’s a lot of fun nibbling on this. Served with herbed yogurt and chilli chutney, the Khurchan Duck Cornetto is the first thing we order at Indian Accent anytime {you might want to sign up for the tasting menu}. The only thing we don’t like about this is how soon it finishes.

Duck Pizza At The Fatty Bao

fatty bao-duck pizza-sanjay ramchandran-02

The Fatty Bao is constantly wowing us with its vast range of baos and more recently, sushi. But the next time you go, we strongly advise you to order the duck pizza. Served on a tortilla base, it’s a small, crispy “pizza” topped with small morsels of tender duck meat, greens and sesame seeds. A beautiful way to start your meal.

Duck Curry At Jakoi

One of the few places where you can get a taste of duck doused in a melange of Indian spices. Jakoi at Assam Bhawan has a few options, but our personal favourite remains the duck curry in black lentil sauce. Reminiscent of the Parsi dhansak, this one’s got the spice and the comfort all in one. Pair it with steamed rice for a winning combination.

Roasted Duck At Shang Palace

Peking Beijing Roast Duck 1

A recent entrant to Shangri-La’s Eros Hotel, Shang Palace is doing some great things with its meat. The roasted duck being case in point. The chef brings the entire roasted duck to your table, shreds it up and rolls it in thin pancakes. Served with a sweet hoisin sauce, this one’s sheer joy. We love that the peeps at Shang take the leftover meat {if any}, sautee it and serve it for the next course with crispy lettuce cups.

Dizzy Duck Burger From Bun Intended

Bun Intended has become one of our favourite places to call in the middle of the night for a meaty burger. In addition to their beefy, porky offers, they also do a succulent duck burger called Dizzy Duck, comprising cramberry-glazed pulled duck, bacon, Emmental cheese, gherkins, cucumber and lettuce. Yum.

Crispy Aromatic Duck At Royal China

Duck With Pancake

One of the first places in the city where we were introduced to duck, Royal China does a beautiful roast duck, shredded and rolled into pancakes. A bite into the subtle sweet pancakes, the juicy duck and a drizzle of soya sauce – it’s moments like these we live for.

Duck Dim Sums At Dao

The black pepper duck dim sums at Dao comprise minced duck meat packed neatly in a thin flour wrapping and served with chilli paste and hoisin sauce. We recommend ordering two baskets of these {super small portions!}.

Duck Samosa At Farzi Cafe

Image Courtesy: Yummraj

Image Courtesy: Yummraj

These little samosa filled with duck and doused in a beautiful chilli sauce is one of the main reasons we even go to Farzi Cafe. This followed closely by the Bailey’s lollipop.

PS: We personally feel the Cyber Hub branch does a better job with the samosas.

Nanjing-Style Duck At Honk

While their cocktails and sushi are pretty great too, it is the Nanjing-style duck at Honk, in Pullman Aerocity, that really stands out. Absolutely crispy skin, with sweet meat inside, complemented by a fabulous sweet sauce – bookmark this for a long, indulgent dinner.

Featured image courtesy: India Accent