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Soothe Thy Soul: These Essential Oils & Fragrances Will Do Wonders For You

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Who doesn't like essential oils and soothing fragrances? It's the perfect balance of calm and soothing with an extra benefit of some great scent in each bottle. We believe that joy like this should be spread, so we've specially curated a list of some of the best essential oils and fragrances that you can shop online. These oils and fragrances will not only help you calm your mind but also help maintain positivity.

PS: If you are pregnant, nursing, or under doctor's guidance, we recommend you to check with your doctor if you could use these. Now, add to cart!

Natural Bergamot Essential Oil By Vedic Bloom

Natural Bergamot Essential Oil

Natural Bergamot Essential Oil


Vedic Bloom has a variety of essential oils. From lavender to rose, basil to thyme - they have it all. Each of these essential oils carry unique properties that you can read about when you shop from their website. Since the lockdown period could get too stressful, we recommend you use their Bergamot essential oil as it helps in calming your mind and reduces nervous tension. It acts as a great stress buster too. 

Price: INR 299

Lavender Essential Oil By Sacred Elixir

Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender Essential Oil


Sacred Elixir is an organic online brand that sells essential oils, carrier oils, roll-ons, synergy blends, and much more. From their range of essential oils, we particularly love their Lavender oil that is known to eliminate nerve tension, relieves anxiety and distress. You could rub the oil in between your palms and inhale the scent to evoke calmness.

Price: INR 530

Stress Relief & Calming Essential Oil Blend By Divine Aroma

Stress Relief & Calming Essential Oil Blend

Stress Relief & Calming Essential Oil Blend


Divine Aroma has a stress relief and calming essential oil that consists of neroli, clary sage, ylang-ylang, basil, cypress, and almond oil. Each of their oils is chemical-free and helps in promoting overall well-being. So, are you trying this yet?

Price: INR 360

Essential Oil Rosemary By Soulflower

Essential Oil Rosemary (15ml)

Essential Oil Rosemary (15ml)


When it comes to essential oils, Soulflower has a range that will lure you into buying all of their products. Not only their products are made out of natural ingredients but you'll even start seeing the results (tried-and-tested). Their Rosemary essential oil is one of the best oils to invest in. You can use it on your skin, hair, and also in a diffuser for respiratory relaxation. It also helps in improving memory mental clarity (amazing, right?)

Price: INR 315

Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil By Clay Essentials

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil (70g)

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil (70g)


With quality products made out of all-natural ingredients, Clay Essentials has a wide range of essential oils that you can use in your hair and also as a diffuser. While we suggest that most of their essential oils work magic, we are, in particular, a fan of their Ylang-Ylang essential oil that helps in relieving your stress and thus, calms your mind. Of course, the best part that it is available to shop on LBB and there'll be hassle-free delivery so, place your orders ASAP.

Price: INR 545

Mandarin Pure Essential Oil By Februus Organics

Mandarin Pure Essential Oil

Mandarin Pure Essential Oil


The cold-pressed and essential oils by Februus Organics work as a magic potion for your skin and are produced from organic seeds and fruits. Their Mandarin Pure Essential Oil helps repair skin cells and also in restoring collagen. It's also effective in treating acne Not just this, but the fragrance also helps in adding calmness to your mind and reducing anxiety.

Price: INR 350

Acne troubling you? These brands make amazing and effective anti-acne products that you can shop for online. 

Rose Essential Oil By Nature O Care

Rose Essential Oil

Rose Essential Oil


We all love Nature O Care for the excellent quality of the product that it offers. We love their Rose essential oil that helps in maintaining positivity and enhances mood apart from other benefits related to skin. 

Price: INR 550

Floral Fine Fragrance By Wisdom

Floral Fine Fragrance - 50ml

Floral Fine Fragrance - 50ml


We’ve discovered Wisdom Fragrances, a brand that boasts of creating luxury fragrances that are heavenly. Let’s start with their bevvy of Eau De Parfums; these potent concoctions come in a range of oriental (think fragrances of mandarin, yuzu, dark rose, cedarwood, peppercorn), woody and floral. 

They've even got an array of scented candles and reed diffusers. 

Price: INR 3,500

Bloom Perfume By Fragrance & Beyond

Bloom Perfume for Women

Bloom Perfume for Women


Fragrance & Beyond is an online fragrance boutique. They've got an array of perfumes and fragrances for both men and women. Expect floral sweet scents like jasmine and bloom. Apart from perfumes, they also make soaps, perfume bars, body washes, body spray (deos) also, and they all scented like their perfumes.

Price: INR 1,499 

Mint Infused In Rose & Lemon Perfume By NASO Profumi

Mint Infused In Rose & Lemon Perfume

Mint Infused In Rose & Lemon Perfume


Naso Profumi is a brand that prides itself on being the country's first-ever green perfumery. Yes, they don't use synthetic flavours in their range of fragrances. They have some brilliant concoctions like Pepper infused in Wood, Tamarind infused in Bergamot, Mint infused in Rose & Lemon and lots more. 

Price: INR 3825  


Want to further make your homes (and lives) beautifully scented? Here are some home fragrances that will help you get started right away. There's nothing more calming than nature. Indulge in some nature therapy by getting these nature-inspired products for your homes.