From exciting international chains making their way to the capital, to street food which has been in existence for decades making it to the LBB spotlight, to local brands making a comeback to our households, this is what went down {our tummies} this year.

We Bao Wow-ed

fattybaoImage courtesy: Salt & Sandals

When Bangalore’s Asian food joint Fatty Bao opened its doors in Delhi’s Sangam Courtyard, it evoked within us a love for fluffy baos stuffed with a range of fillings. We especially love the duck one.

Indulged in Jamie Oliver

jamieAfter spending years lusting after Jamie Oliver’s gorgeous food on our TV screens, we finally had a chance to sample it for real when the celebrity chef decided to open two restaurants in the city. We’re suckers for the fresh salads and Sausage Pappardelle at Jamie’s Italian.

Scored some of the buffest biryani in town

IMG_5900Mota Pehelwan has been dishing out plates and plates of his delicious buff biryani in Chandni Chowk for decades now but we only managed to get our hands on some this year and for that, we will be forever grateful to 2015. Read more here.

Watched things freeze within five seconds

1At Molecule in Gurgaon, the molecular gastronomy is strong and they cook a lot of their food by freezing it, instantly, right in front of your eyes.

Welcomed Maggi back into our homes

featureAfter going almost six months without our favourite emergency snack, Maggi finally walked back into our lives in December this year. We celebrated by trying every rendition of it ever, at these places.

Kept our cool with hot chai delivered all day

chaayosHot steaming cutting chai infused with ginger, tulsi, cinnamon, masala and our favourite, hari mirch delivered straight to your work desk, waking you up into an energetic state of productivity. Chaayos has mastered the art of packaging and delivery.

Oinked our way through a sandwich

1Outside of Subway, dilliwallas have never really had the chance to dig into a monster of a sandwich with layers of cream cheese and bacon and porky bits. We’re looking at you, Texas Massacre at the Big Fat Sandwich.

Tried Goat Cheese ice cream {and liked it!}

bhane2Bhane’s new café also doubles as an ice cream parlour. And much like their apparel and accessories line, their ice cream’s pretty out-of-the-box too. The goat cheese ice cream, Sea Green {avocado} ice cream and Earl Grey flavours all being classic examples.

Bagged ourselves the best gourmet caterer

holybellyFrench-inspired cooking led by two Cordon Bleu chefs, we were bowled over by Holy Belly‘s fare and their presentation, all put together in the comfort of your home.

Found all the sushi ever

sakura1Image courtesy: Sakura

From California Rolls to Salmon Nigiri to dragon rolls to even some vegetarian versions, we scoured all the sushi in the city and here’s what we found.

Puffed on some nostalgia with Phantom Cigarettes

phantomRemember these candy sticks from your childhood and how one day they seemed to vanish off the face of the earth? We found them! Online. Get yours here.

Found meat paradise at Afghani Market

IMG_5532One fine afternoon, we explored Lajpat Nagar for its hidden Afghani gems and proceeded to stuff our faces with Qabuli Pulao, Afghani Naan, Chaapli Kebab and more. Read about our discoveries here. Nom nom.

Pigged out on road trips

dhabasImage courtesy: Maneesh Srivastava

Enroute Jaipur, we hogged on some stellar Rajasthani Mava Naan, Paneer Butter Masala and Missi Roti. Wherever you’re headed, we’ve bookmarked a dhaba for you, right here.

Rediscovered Majnu Ka Tila

mktWe spent a day drinking pineapple beer, eating momos, Gyuma and La-phing and fell in love with North Eastern cuisine all over again. Deets here.

And painted our tummies red 

f3b41-barcelos-red-burger… with beetroot and herbs, if Barcelos peeps are to be believed. Missed this? Catch up here.