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Chicken Waffles Or A Cheesy Lasagna: These Cafes In GK 2 Have Mastered Almost Everything

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GK II is the latest neighbourhood to call out to us for lunch every day of the week {and breakfast and dinner, occasionally}. Whether you’re looking for cheesy pizza, spicy chilli potato, decadent tiramisu or even chicken-topped waffles, here’s where to get it all at.


A venture between the PCO guys and Cafe Diva, PDA is the place to head to when you’re looking for well-mixed cocktails and a bite to eat. We love their Flirty Collins, Dirty Martini and the vanilla cinnamon apple cocktail. When you order a drink, you get complimentary appetisers. So much win.

PS: You’ll love the old-school music here.

Fig And Maple

A noobie, Fig And Maple has in a short time gained itself a lot of fans {including us}. We can unhesitatingly attribute this to their fresh-as-a-daisy salads, lamb shanks, chicken waffles and for the green tea-loving peeps, the matcha pancakes.


Chungwa has been a part of the GK 2 market for as long as we can remember. It may not be packed to the brim as it used to be once, but their menu is still running strong. Our favourites include the Honey Pepper Chicken, the Chilli Garlic Noodles and the Hong Kong Pork. What are yours?


A little away from the main market, this is our go-to place whenever those Indian Chinese cravings threaten to surface. Culinaire is great for dishes like Prawn Chilli Oil, Stir Fried Chicken with cashewnuts, Rice With Minced Lamb and surprisingly, Thai Curry. They’ve remained pretty consistent over the years. If you live nearby, order in so you can enjoy all that spicy food with a pint of beer or a glass of vino at home.

Artusi Ristorante E Bar

One of the finest Italian restaurants in town, Artusi does hand-made gourmet pastas, pâtés and entrees packed with quality cheeses.

If you really want to do this place justice, opt for their five-course tasting menu. We haven’t come across a single person who isn’t impressed with the food here and we hope you’re no exception. Don’t forget to try their Creme Caramel. Buon appetito!

China Garden

You enter through a fancy lobby and walk to a fancy elevator which takes you up to the restaurant. China Garden may look like the kind of place which will burn a massive hole in your pocket, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

It’s perfect for large groups and families. Try their Star Anise Spare Ribs, the Gin Chicken and the Red Pepper Chicken. Their soups are pretty great too but avoid them if you want to save space for all that delicious food.


One of the few restaurants in the city to focus on Turkish and Lebanese food, Baris wows with its Mezze Platter, Shish Taouk and a stellar Baklava.

Do end your meal here with a robust cup of Turkish coffee.

Not Just Paranthas

The menu is an expansive tale of parathas of all kinds, from the regular aloo to Chur Chur Parathas {our favourite} to pocket parathas {these are smaller and plumper, somewhat like pan pizzas} and dessert parathas. It’s worth visiting just for the sheer novelty TBH.


Biryani in various variants including chicken, mutton and prawn at affordable prices along with beer at even more affordable prices – that’s the USP of Beeryani. It doesn’t hurt that their kebabs and tikkas are spiced to perfection. This is where we end up on many a weekday evening, chugging down pitchers of beer.

Plus, they even have a beer chugging competition. Read more about it here.