From customised cakes to French pastry goods and cake jars to savouries, Noida has tons of home bakers you can order from. But in our times of celebrations and crises, these are the ones we’re turning to.

Simran’s Cake Studio

Image courtesy: Simran's Cake Studio

Photo courtesy: Simran’s Cake Studio

If you love paan, you’ll definitely enjoy their Indian take on cakes, with their range of meetha paan cakes, like the Chocolate Paan Cake. Other specialties include theme-based cakes and cupcakes.

Place Orders: Two-four weeks in advance for wedding cakes, one week for others

Delivery Areas: Deliveries made to the nearest metro station

Box Of Delight

Photo courtesy: Box Of Delight

You can’t afford to miss their premium cream cakes, like Very Berry, as well as cupcakes, muffins and assorted chocolates. As a bonus, their deliveries are completely free of charge, too. Also, we’re totally waiting for their upcoming Chocoscotch Cake.

Place Orders: At least one day in advance

Delivery Areas: Only in Noida, up to Sector 50

Sweet Spells By Karishma Dewan Nohwar

Image courtesy: Sweet Spells

Photo courtesy: Sweet Spells

For some unique desserts like Kahlua Drunken Cake, Fruit Farm Cake and Swiss Roll Ice Cream Dome, we pick this one. They also do breads like focaccia, onion bread and lavash. Eggless chocolate oat cakes, ragi and oats lavash are coming soon, too.

Place Orders: Four days in advance for fondant cakes, two days for others

Delivery Areas: Clients collect their order; delivery services will start soon

Truffle Muffle

Photo courtesy: Truffle Muffle

We highly recommend their fondant cakes, 3D cakes and cake jars. And we’re really looking forward to the mousse cakes and cheesecakes.

Place Orders Before: Four – seven days in advance

Delivery Areas: Cakes dropped at the nearest metro station


Image courtesy: Bakeaffair

Photo courtesy: Bakeaffair

Customised 3D cakes, loaves and doughnuts, BakeaffairIndia does it all! We’re waiting to try their cheesecakes and layered desserts.

Place Orders: At least six – eight hours in advance; for customised cakes, at least a day in advance

Delivery Areas: Delhi & NCR

The Little Brown Girl

Photo courtesy: Little Brown Girl

If you’re willing to experiment, try their croquembouches and profiteroles. The Lemon & Blueberry Cupcakes is their signature dessert, though we’re also hoping to get our hands on their choux pastry, Fraisier Gateaux and giant macaron cake ASAP!

Place Orders: Three days in advance

Delivery Areas: Delhi & NCR


Image courtesy: Aartibakes

Photo courtesy: Aartibakes

Enjoy their sinful Banana Walnut Cake, Chocolate Strawberry Cake, Chocolate Butter Cookies and Cake Pops among other desserts.

Place Orders: 24 hours in advance

Delivery Areas: Delhi & NCR

Happy Oven

Photo courtesy: Happy Oven

This one isn’t just for the desserts like fondant cakes and puddings; Happy Oven will be more than happy to prepare snacks like quiches, salads and pastas for you. Coming soon: Mango-based desserts like Mango Mousse, Mango Tiramisu and Mango Cheesecake.

Place Orders: For designer cakes, at least seven – eight days and for regular cakes, three days

Delivery Areas: Across Delhi & NCR

The Sweet Lab

Image courtesy: The Sweet Lab

Photo courtesy: The Sweet Lab

For customised cakes, cupcakes and chocolates,turn to The Sweet Lab. They also deliver to parts of south Delhi and Indirapuram. Coming soon: A variety of cookies, pies and tea cakes.

Place Orders: Two days in advance

Delivery Areas: Noida, Indirapuram and parts of south Delhi

Sugar Ruffles

Photo courtesy: Sugar Ruffles

If puddings, chocolates and choco-chip cookies are on your mind, Sugar Ruffles will whip them up for you. We hear that Croquembouches, Red Velvet Brownies and Whiskey Cupcakes are in the pipeline too.

Also, delivery charges are free in Noida. Yay!

Place Orders: Three-four days in advance, especially for fondant cakes

Delivery Areas: Delhi & NCR

Featured photo: Pixabay