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This Outlet Has Got Some Amazing Kathi Rolls In Amar Colony!

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What Makes It Awesome?

Wrapped in laccha parantha chowringhee served well-marinated chicken tikkas instead of just chopped chicken which usually all kathi roll places do in order to cut the cost.

However, at 34 chowringhee lane the rolls are priced for the value equivalent to the quality and quantity they serve. The rolls are huge and filling with a flavour combination quite exciting. Talking about the paranthas they use. The lacchas are slightly sweetened and is crispy with the layer of lacchas falling apart yet bind together taking us to the land from where kathi rolls originated that is Kolkata.

34 chowringhee lane is actually a legit lane situated in Kolkata which is famous for its kathi roll. And as the name signifies this particular outlet has spread its reach all over India to make the entire country taste the beautiful culinary invention from Kolkata. 

They have a range of great fillings may it be vegetarian- potato, paneer, soya chaap, vegetable or non-vegetarian- chicken tikka, malai tikka, shredded chicken, butter chicken, chilli chicken, egg, mutton etc.
The concept is simple it’s just parantha and curry however made easier to consume for the customers and for them to have a go-to preparation for the same old parantha and curry.
Usually, the rolls are covered from the bottom and like cornetto once can tear down the paper wrapped around to finish the entire roll. It’s an easy and filling snack to have on the go. And 34 chowringhee makes one of the best of these available in the market.

We tried:
SINGLE CHICKEN ROLL priced Rs.110. The chicken inside was complimented with onions, chat masala, ketchup and green chilli sauce to accentuate the flavour of the chicken and the slightly sweetened crispy parantha went perfectly with the dried chicken filling described above.

The butter chicken roll felt like a wholesome bite of flavours from Punjab. The makhni gravy cooked with butter and the tanginess of tomatoes wrapped around boneless tandoori chicken dried up to make a wholesome filling magically complimented the sweetened crispy laccha parantha which it was wrapped in.

We tried chilli chicken roll which sounds like an oxymoron we know, however, a Chinese preparation such as a chilli chicken or garlic chicken is a wonderful experiment which has been rightly executed by 34 chowringhee lane and also went amazingly with the laccha paranthas.

The packaging for the rolls has been improved, now it is served in a rectangle box, which has 2 holes at the end which keeps the rolls fresh and prevents them from becoming soggy from its own steam. It is a paper box packaging which is eco-friendly instead of the aluminum foils and plastic bag.

How Much Did It Cost

Under ₹500