Ladies nights mean that there’s a reason to party- EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK! So, put on that red lipstick and head to these places for the best ladies nights in Gurgaon.

Monday Night Madness At The Wine Company

Image courtesy: The Wine Company

Photo courtesy: The Wine Company

There’s no way you can turn water into wine, but you sure can enjoy some vino at this one. And don’t be confused between your favourite Shiraz and the fruity Chardonnay, just choose both. Raise a toast and drink up!

What To Order: The Prosecco Sangria with Mint and Strawberry will give you the right balance of fruity and cool flavours coupled with the bubbly quality of the wine. The Peach Melba Sangria is the perfect drink for ladies who enjoy fruity concoctions, as it scores high on taste.

Thumping Tuesday Nights At Striker

Image courtesy: Striker

Photo courtesy: Striker

Starting early in the evening, the Ladies’ Night at Striker Pub promises some of the best of cocktails and mocktails. You can catch the live band or dance your heart out to some crazy good mixes. Chug! Chug! Chug!

What To Order: The classic Caprioska. For those who want a citric punch to their drinks, try the Screwdriver.

Wow Wednesday Nights at I-Kandy

Image courtesy: iKandy

Photo courtesy: iKandy

Bollywood nights are the thing here which is the perfect way to let your hair down after five potent mixes at the bar {which is the limit}. The DJ doesn’t really take requests, but then again, who doesn’t like challenges?

What To Order: The Nice & Slow is a strong, icy drink which you should definitely try. Dark rum, lime, castor sugar, honey and cream, come together to form the Sexy & I Know It, which is another club favourite.

Toxic Thursday Nights at Soi 7

Image courtesy: Soi 7

Photo courtesy: Soi 7

We call them toxic because they begin at 6pm and, well, you’ll never know when the fun ends. The drink mixes are superb and the food makes this place a Gurgaon favourite. The staff understands that waiting is no fun, so they will bring you a few rounds of drinks together.

What To Order: The Negroni brings together gin, Campari and Sweet Vermouth to form one of the best Aperitvo cocktails. The Mai Tai on the other hand, channels classic summer vibes with a mix of dark and white rum, Orgeat syrup, orange Curacao and lime juice.

Funky Friday Nights, Tease Bar, Vivanta by Taj Gurgaon

Image courtesy: Tease at Vivanta by Taj

Photo courtesy: Tease at Vivanta by Taj

Starting at 7pm, the ladies night offers vodka-based cocktails and their special Cosmopolitans, which are good enough to keep you going till 10pm. Post 10pm, every table with ladies present gets a special 1+1 drinks offer on some of their expensive liquors.

What To Order: A twist to the classic Cosmopolitan, the Gurgaonpolitan is a mix of vodka, orange liqueur, honey syrup, fresh pomegranate juice, and a splash of lime. A delightful mix of flesh flavours like apple, pear, mint, lemon juice and lemongrass, coupled with vodka and honey, the Sky Scraper is another popular pick.

Featured photo courtesy: Tease at Vivanta by Taj