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Best of LBBD in 2013 | Editor's Picks & Reader's Choice

Editors posted on 30 December

2013, for LBBD, was a year that came with a fair share of surprises and challenges. We've learnt more about our city in 365 days, than we have through our high school and college years. From all that we've harped and chatted about over the year, here's a mix of Editor's Picks and Reader's Choice features; articles that have triggered a 'like', Tweet, and share, and positive feedback, and stories that the editor's desk has thoroughly enjoyed working on! In random order, the best of LBBD in 2013!


# 1. Writer's Bloc | LBBD and Random House India joined forces for one awesome contest. Readers were asked to send in a short story written by them, with the theme as 'Nostalgia'. The winning entries, here and here.



# 2. Meet Mr. Yadav | He's the happiest man in Delhi, and he's in conversation with us. Watch this video here.



# 3. The Other Bakers | ‘People are so worried about what they eat between Christmas and the New Year, but they really should be worried about what they eat between the New Year and Christmas.’ The LBBD curated list for when you're feeling gluttonous; Part 1 & Part 2.



# 4. LBBD's BIG Drinking Places List | Get the scoop, and our cocktail/drink recommendations, here.



# 5. Band Baaja Bureau | All the ladies of Delhi LOVED this feature, which came in time for shaadi season. Skip the big labels, pick up something couture, we say! All the details, here.



# 6. A Cut Above the Rest | Best Hairstylists in Town, Ladies & Men Edition | The number of "Thankyou, you saved my hair!" emails we got courtesy this feature was mind-blowing. Happy to help, Delhiwaalas.

ladies-hairstylists-delhi mens-haircuts-380x240


# 7. On the Right Track | This particular feature's been an Ed-Desk favourite; there's always good music playing in our office, and we're always in awe of all the amazing music coming out of our city. Press play.



# 8. State Bhawan's Guide | Travel India vicariously, through courses of food served at State Bhawans around town. Of all the food-lists we've done, this has been a favourite amongst our readers. Click here for more.



# 9. Hottest Film Boutiques in Delhi- Jamun | "…a cerebral-creative production house that knows  how to throw in style with substance." Read more about the powerhouse, here.



# 10. River Deep, Mountain High: Rafting in Zanskar | This feature made us want to pack our bags and wander off to places far far away. Beautifully written, this is the kind of travel writing we enjoy!



# 11. Delhi Lingo 101 | Because some things are just so Delhi, yaar! Illustrator Angel Bedi's take on all things Dilli, here.



# 12. LBB for Shahpur Jaat | We've been supporters of this hamlet, and it continues to surprise us with new entrants every passing month. Forget the malls; we've got urban villages to explore.



# 13. Home Do-Over List | We've been asked countless times for a handbook of awesome places to shop for home-decor. Two incredibly talented friends and designers pull out their Little Black Book for this one.



# 14. Things to do in Delhi when there's an election: Vote | Miracles happen when we exercise our rights. Read more.



# 15. The Weekend Checklist | This needs no introduction. Log in, step out!