They’re filling, they’re tasty and they’re…smooth. Whether you’re looking for a quick and easy way to add protein to your diet, or if you just want an instant shot of energy, smoothies to the rescue. Here’s where to get your glass.

Salad Days

Photo source: Salad Days

Photo source: Salad Days

Our standard order from Salad Days comprises the Asian Chicken Noodle salad and the Exotic Fruit salad with candied walnuts. Their smoothies are a relatively recent addition, but a welcome one. Choose from Apple Cinnamon, Mango and Wild Berries.

The Coffee Bond

If you’re looking for a dose of energy to last you all day, The Coffee Bond‘s smoothies are the way to go. The tiny cafe does three superfood smoothies: Energy, Immunity and Antioxidant.

Expect ingredients like pink Himalayan salt, paprika, coconut sugar, ginger and ashwagandha.


Photo source: Health Wealth Cafe

Photo source: Health Wealth Cafe

When at hwealthcafe, choose from a variety of high power smoothies to really get you going. Every smoothie comes with a shot of protein powder and honey {specify if you want to exclude either} and in flavours such as Coffee Cinnamon, Choc Peanut Butter and Super Strawberry.


Diggin does straight-forward yogurt-based smoothies in a bunch of fruity flavours. Highlights include Mango and Strawberry, Peach and Passionfruit and Blueberry.

#LBBTip: Stay away from the Apple Ginger Mint, as it is quite the insipid affair.

The Smoothie Factory

Photo source: Smoothie Factory

Photo source: Smoothie Factory

The Smoothie Factory is our go-to place for all types of smoothies. They have different categories for different purposes: Meal Replacement, Energizer, After Workout etc, and a bunch of add-ons to choose from, including Fat Burner, Energy and Vitamins.

Our favourite? The Factory Original- a yummy combination of strawberries, bananas, mango, peaches, pineapple and honey.

Cha Bar

They do fresh fruit smoothies blended with yogurt. You’ll have to ask them for their list since the flavours change according to the season, but our personal pick so far would be the Blueberry.

Blue Door Cafe

Photo source: The Blue Door Cafe

Photo source: The Blue Door Cafe

The Blue Door Cafe offers soya milk for that extra health kick, but what we really like is the infusion of oats in their smoothies.

Pick from Berry Berry, Ab-soy-lutely Almonds, or their signature The Original {strawberries, bananas, OJ and kiwis}.

Wenger’s Deli

We love the sound of the Zacarito {assorted fruits, grape juice and yogurt} but if you’re not feeling as adventurous, the Silken Chocolate, Blueberry or Peach may be better options.

While you’re here, getting a portion of the chicken drumsticks may be worth your while.


Photo source: Getafix

Photo source: Getafix

With a list of around 10 thick smoothies, Getafix caters to every taste. The Khal Strawgo {mango, strawberry, basil, yogurt} is a good pick if you like strawberries.

We’re giving a thumbs up to the Breakfast in a Glass- a mix of bananas, yogurt, oats and almonds, this is a great way to begin the day, especially on those days you don’t have the time and patience for plates of food.


A delivery-only service, Zoe is all about promoting healthy living as is evident by their cold pressed juices, yogurt parfaits and smoothies. Most of their smoothies are made out of Greek yogurt {yum!} and they’ve got some great combinations. We recommend the For The Explorer {strawberries, bananas, blackberries, blueberries and honey} but you could also try the For The Ruler {warning: It contains spinach}.

Featured photo source: Health Wealth Cafe