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Bhukkad Vs Pizza: Can You Eat 36 Inches Of Cheesy Goodness?

Navni posted on 07 April

What Is It?

A pizza eating competition at Spezia Bistro {in association with Dilli Ke 3 Bhukkad} wherein you will be required to form teams of three {or even fly solo} and attack a three-feet-long {36 inch} pizza. The team which finishes the cheese-laden delight first, wins.

Who Is It For?

Anyone and everyone who is in love with pizza, and is looking for a chance to show their pizza eating skills to the world and earn accolades for it.

Why Should I Go For It?

Because you will get three feet of pizza for only INR 300 {nuff' said?} and can also win IPL tickets, movie tickets, goodies and dinner at Spezia Bistro.

Anything Else?

Here's a sneak peek of the monstrous pizza that awaits you!

When: Apr 19

Where: 2525, First Floor, Hudson Lane, Delhi University- GTB Nagar

Nearest Metro Station: GTB Nagar

Timings: 4pm

Contact: +91 9990143653

Find out more here.

Featured image courtesy: Spezia Bistro