By Rashi Wadhera

Two boys. A savings pool. And a brand new company, saving their travelling customers the big bucks. Both big travellers, they saw an opportunity in budget hotels. You’re probably thinking the same thing we are. How are they Making Your Trip or if domestic, Yatra, more of a Clear Trip? Catch our flow? Here’s the difference between them and the hundred other budget sites – they tailor make your experience. They try and match your needs, and most importantly budgets, to a hotel that ticks all your boxes.

Here’s how it works: you have log on to, type in where you’re looking at travelling to, and your preferred budget. The website will then provide between 2 and 5 hotels that match your given criteria. The difference here is you give them a budget, and they work within your parameters. Say for example you’re travelling to Goa. You have to enter your dates, and place a bid. They give you the option of picking two preferred neighbourhoods, the option of listing preferred hotels and lastly, how much you’re willing to spend. Within 60 minutes of placing your bid, and mentioning your pre-requisites, they’ll send you an email mentioning which hotels accept your bid. Personally, we got three text messages within seven minutes telling us which hotels accepted our bid.  After this notification, you have 48 hours to make a booking at that rate. With over 10,000 hotels listed, you’re likely to get lucky. And you don’t have to be up all night to do it. They guarantee lowest prices, and the major stand out, sticking within budgets. It’s essentially like all emails you attempt sending hotels in Goa, hoping for a better rate. Here. they’ll do it for you. So far, they’re restricted to domestic operations, with hopes of expanding to an international inventory.

Big New Year plans in December? Log on to and save some money, which you can then use for a ticket to sunburn.

Notes in our Little Black Book | is a hotel and stay booking webiste that allows you to place a bid on a hotel in your preferred destination, based on your budget. Once you mention neighbourhood preferences, and even names of potential hotels, they’ll email you information about hotels that have accepted your bid, after which you have 48 hours to make a booking. Start bidding, here.