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No More Skin Troubles: Get Your Beauty Woes Treated At This Medi-Spa

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What Makes It Awesome?

Skin Alive is a dermatology and aesthetics center (in easy terms, a medical spa) where all your skin, hair or body issues are dealt with, and you eventually walk out looking as glowing and fresh as the day you were born.

Their MO is to first take a client to their certified doctors, wherein you can discuss any issues you have, and they'll recommend you befitting treatment for it. The list of services they offer is pretty long (I’d recommend checking out their website for that), but if you feel extremely uncomfortable with any skin blemishes, acne, pigmentation, hair loss, hair fall, excessive body hair, scars, dandruff etc. now you know where to go to get that fixed.

What Could Be Better?

It can get heavy on the wallet, especially if you’re planning to book recurring sessions. For those skeptical about how much difference one session can make, or if it’s really worth the dough; it is. This is coming from experience. The session I had (an extremely relaxing, nap-inducing OXYdiamond Facial) immediately showed results. My skin was way brighter and showed less signs of the usual neglect I keep putting it through.

PS. It's more advisable to book an appointment beforehand.

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