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Big Fish Ventures


    #BigBar: Here's How You Can Save Over INR 3,000 On Liquor Bottles At These Restaurants

    Aditi posted on 27 April


    The folks at Big Fish Ventures, the parent company of Junkyard Cafe, Vault Cafe, Local Cafe and Garam Dharam have come out with a virtual bar on their app which lets you reserve a bottle and consume it at any time at one of their outlets. That’s not it, you can even gift these bottles to your friends and family!

    Reserve Now, Drink Later!

    Feel like you’ve been spending way too much on individual drinks? You’re going to love this. Remember all those times when you didn’t buy a full bottle of whisky thinking you wouldn’t be able to finish it, so why waste the money. We all know how that ends, though – with you spending more in the long run, because, “one more drink, ya!”. Yeah, we feel you – and that’s why we’re telling you about the Big Fish App. This killer app lets you save all that extra money with #BigBar. 

    How does it work? Well, whenever you reserve a bottle through the app and end up not drinking the entire thing, you can utilise the rest of the bottle on your next visit at any Big Fish Venture outlet. So, let’s say, you reserved a bottle of Chivas or Jacobs Creek at Local Cafe. You can decide how many pegs/glasses you want to consume and leave the rest for your next visit to any of the Big Fish Venture Restaurants {subject to availability}. How awesome is that?! AND you can also gift pegs to your friends or family!

    So, We're Saying...

    Download the app already and start saving on them drinks with #BigBar. What’s more? You can make reservations, browse through promotions and on-going deals and never miss a kickass event.

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