This Brand Offers A Calendar That Will Grow Into A Plant

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21 Fools

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What Makes It Awesome?

Our latest online discovery is 21 Fools, a website which offers stationery and other handmade paper products that you can plant in our gardens, homes and offices.

21 Fools offers ‘plantable’ seed paper that one can buy and then plant it in the soil. It’s simple – the products are made out of handmade bio-degradable paper with seeds embedded in it. All you have to do is buy it and plant it in a pot of soil. The paper composts and the seed then starts to grow into a beautiful plant.

Currently they are offering seed paper postcards, calendars, tags, paper bags, chai packaging, coasters & more. All of these are plantable. The price range too is quite affordable. However, the highlight is 'kyaari' - their seed paper plantable calendar (you can buy 6 pages minus the recyclable wooden frame too) and 'daftar' - an eco organiser that's compact. It's made with cork cloth and handwoven cotton to provide space to hold a power bank, visiting cards, pen, ear-phones, diary, valuables and loose pages.


21 Fools also offers seed paper Indian flags, so you can plant the flag. We think this is a great idea, considering discarding or throwing the flag is considered disrespectful.


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